Let's take you through the journey of self discovery. Academic Network GOT YOU!! bringing you all the information and skills you need to successfully transit from high school to tertiary. 

We proud ourselves with proving career guidance services to Grade 9, 11 and 12 learners. We explore available subject choices, personalities, career areas and fields with learners. By the end of the career guidance session learners are able to understand who they are and where they want to be in future. __________________________________

GRADE 9:  We teach and train Grade 9s to make informed decisions as early as possible such as taking precise subjects that will lead them to their desired careers. Here we focus mostly on discovering their favourite subjects, interests and personalities. With them we explore all possible study programmes that are  offered in higher institutions and possible  careers align with the availbale study programmes.


GRADE 11: With Grade 11s we expand the knowledge they already have from grade 9 and we introduce them to South African universities, colleges and funding. We explore where the careers they want are offered. We train them how to calculate APS, how to download and analyze prospectuses. The goal with grade 11s is to train them to be proactive by checking university and study programmes entry requirements and bring awareness that when submitting an application, grade 11 results are mandatory this will help reduce gap year. 


GRADE 12:  With Grade 12s we expand the knowledge they already have from. Grade 11 we further more train grade 12 learners how to successfully apply to higher institutions and we teach them crucial terminologies used in online application processes. Learners are taught about national senior certificate endorsement and how it affects their applications to higher institutions. We bring awareness how to discover accredited higher institutions so they don't fall in traps of scammers.