By Victoria Ntuli · Apr 7, 2021

Which University will accept me
When you are in grade 12 you start to picture yourself in varsity, you picture how life would be as a student and you picture yourself having fun in your first year meeting new friends. You start to wonder which university do I  want to enroll with? for some reason you find yourself asking which university will accept me?. As much as you desire to go to a certain university you still need to meet set requirements. So the real question is which university will accept me with my results?

The first step when applying it to check requirements. This will instantly give you the direction of universities that will accept you.
Universities have made it easy for learners to see early in their application process where they belong with the results they produced in high school. Each University has a prospectus to guide learners, in that prospectus, there are requirements for different courses in different faculties. By examining all the prospectus of different universities in South Africa you will discover fast which university will accept you.

Matric/Grade 11 results
Your grade 11/12 final results will guide you in discovering which university will accept you. It is significant to understand your matric results. Did you obtain admission to a higher certificate, diploma, or bachelor's degree? How many points do you have? These are the questions that need answers. Any university can accept you but this depends on your results because some universities only accept learners who passed their matric with admission to bachelor's degree. Teachers always emphasize the importance of working hard in grade 11 and 12 so that you have plenty of options in terms of choosing university and courses because sometimes having poor results will force you to be caged into few institutions with limited courses. This will lead learners to make bad career choices just because they want to fit into university life.

Universities of technology
There are quite a several Universities of technology, these institutions have opened doors to many average learners. Looking at a prospectus of traditional universities and those of technology a huge difference can be spotted. These Universities of technology offer courses that are not offered in traditional universities and another good thing is that they accept learners who obtained admission to diploma since the majority of their programmes are diploma courses. Few degree courses are provided. The APS of these institutions starts from 18 and the maximum APS being 32. Few higher certificate courses are offered mostly being in engineering and sciences faculty to allow entry to University to bridge a course.

Traditional universities 
On the other hand, universities accommodate learners who have passed their matric with admission to bachelor's degree. The majority of courses in these institutions are degree courses. Few diploma courses are offered. These institution admission point scores start from 24 maximum APS being 46. Some universities specialize in one industry meaning other courses are not offered in those institutions for example if you are into health sciences you can apply to study at Sefako Mokgathu university.

There are 26 public universities in South Africa surely by doing thorough research you can find a university that will accept you. I believe that there is space for every learner in higher institutions. Learners are advised to apply for universities outside their provinces if the courses they want to do are not offered in the universities near them or maybe they do not meet requirements. Another thing you can qualify to do a certain course at one university and not qualify in another. Your job is to find a university where you meet their entry requirements.

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