Which course do I qualify for?

By Victoria Ntuli
Which course do I qualify for? picture

Which course do I qualify for?

Universities are different from high school. Gaining access to University is different from gaining access to high school. To be admitted to high school you need your grade 7 report and a transfer from your previous school. On the other hand, universities operate differently. To gain access to these higher institutions you need to check if you qualify.

Many people ask themselves this question which course do I qualify for? The truth is you will not get accurate information from asking your friends. What you need to see if you qualify for a certain course is a document called a prospectus. What is a prospectus? a prospectus is a booklet that shows the university information and course requirements. Without this document, you will not know which course you qualify for. Every higher institution has a prospectus with its unique requirements. These prospectus are found on university websites and university campuses. Prospective students need to visit the campus to get the prospectus but if they are far away from the institution the alternative way to access the prospectus is to visit the university website.

Data is a concern to most learners because accessing the websites needs data which is something learners in grade 12 can't afford. Imagine going through more than 20 websites of institutions to download the prospectus, this will be costly. Going through each prospectus of different universities to check requirements is time-consuming that's why the AcaNet app was introduced to make searching for course requirements easy.

AcaNet App
AcaNet has made searching for courses easy. All the learners need to do is search for the course they want thereafter they will be able to see the minimum requirements of the particular course from different universities.

This will save so much time of learners. The benefit of having the app is that you will get to discover which institutions offer your desired course and links to apply are available.

The beauty of AcaNet is that it is a one way stop for Academic information. Everything you need is there from information of colleges, financial aid, learnerships and prospectus if you still prefer the old way of checking requirements.

Below is a link to download the AcaNet app.

With the app you will see instantly which course you qualify for without a hassle of getting several prospectus.

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