UNIZULU  2025 applications required documents

By Thabo · Feb 29, 2024

UNIZULU  2025 applications required documents

To apply successfully at UNIZULU for 2025 applications you need to submit the following documents:

  • Certified and individually scanned documents if completed Grade 12 (see process below).
  • Document upload requirements when applying online (not applicable to applicants currently in grade 12 or internal transfer/Senior applicants):
  • All documents must be certified
  • Your ID Document
  • Your Matric Results


UNIZULU( University Of Zululand) OPEN FOR 2025  APPLICATIONS it is easy to apply. Prospective students can now submit their applications online.


UNIZULU applications for 2025 applications:

UNIZULU applications for 2025 applications are open for the following faculties:

UNIZULU available courses for 2025 applications:

Faculty of Arts:



Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering


(A)  A three-year double major programme leading to the award of a B.Sc. degree.Thispermit students to study          certain combinations of disciplines in accordance with their interests and requirements. Curricula are                    designed so that graduates are  equipped with the necessary skills to pursue careers in various fields.

(B)  A three-year focussed programme leading to the following degrees:

  • Consumer Science (Hospitality and Tourism).
  • Environmental Planning and Development,

(C) A four-year focussed programme leading to the following degrees:

  • B.Sc. Agriculture (Plant Science),
  • B.Sc. Agriculture (Animal Science),
  • B. Consumer Science (Extension and Rural Development), and
  • B. Cur. (Bachelor of Nursing Science)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering,
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Engineering
  • Bachelor neering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering,

(D) A three-year diploma of Engia programme leading to the following diplomas:

  • Diploma in Sport and Exercise Technology
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management 


UNIZULU 2025 applications requirements:

To apply successfully for 2025 UNIZULU applications you need to have a valid Gmail address, Have the requirements for study choices  met? Click HERE to download the Undergraduate Prospectus(CAO HANDBOOK) for more information on minimum entrance requirements.


Where and when to apply for UNIZULU 2025 Applications

All first-year applications to study at UNIZULU are submitted through the Central Applications Office (CAO) online at  This is a simplified way of applying for more than one programme, using one application form, and paying a single application fee.  You can track the progress of your application by going to and enter your CAO number, or sending an email to [email protected] or call +27 268 4444.

When you make your application through CAO, remember that UNIZULU will give preference to those students who meet the admission requirements for a particular programme, and those that have made UKZN their first choice.

Applications open in March and close on 30 September with late applications accepted until 30 November.


How to apply at UNIZULU for 2025 applications:

Step by Step Guide on How to Apply Online through CAO at UNIZULU for 2025 applications

All first year applications are submitted through the Central Applications Office (CAO). This is a simplified way of applying for more than one programme and more than one institution using one application form, and paying a single application fee. 

Step 1: Visit the CAO website: and click on the apply tab, then click on apply now.

Step 2: Enter your ID number or your Cao number.

Step 3: Enter your personal details then proceed, you will then get your Cao number and password 

Step 4: Capture your next of kin details 

Step 5: Enter your grade 11 results or your grade 12 results 

Step 6: Choose the courses you want to apply for (you can choose up to 6 choices) 

Step 7: Save your Cao number, password and the number to pay the application fee) 

Step 8: Upload the required documents. After submitting your documents you can exit the application process. 


UNIZULU  2025 applications Closing date:

Important Closing Dates:

  • All Faculties: 30 September

Please Note:  Late applications accumulate a fee determined by the CAO.

  • Incomplete applications will not be allowed.
  • Applications submitted via email will be rejected.


Why choose UNIZULU for 2025 applications?

There are many reasons to choose UNIZULU for your studies. Here are just a few:

  • UNIZULU is a world-renowned university with a strong reputation for academic excellence.
  • The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • UNIZULU is located in a beautiful and vibrant city, Durban.
  • The university has a diverse and welcoming student body.

To conclude UNIZULU provides students with a unique and valuable learning experience. They are committed to helping students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a globalized world.

If you are interested in applying to UNIZULU for the 2025 academic year, I encourage you to visit their website for more information.



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