Umfolozi TVET college open for 2023 second semester applications.

By Admin · Mar 17, 2023

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# Why You Should Consider Studying at uMfolozi TVET College

If you are looking for a quality education that will equip you with marketable skills and prepare you for the world of work, then you should consider studying at uMfolozi TVET College. uMfolozi TVET College is one of the leading public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges in South Africa, offering a range of programmes that cater to different needs and interests.

## What is uMfolozi TVET College?

uMfolozi TVET College is one of 9 public TVET Colleges in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and one of only 50 in the country. The college was established in 2002 through the merger of Eshowe Technical College, Esikhawini Technical College and Richtek Campus. The college has 8 main campuses: Chief Albert Luthuli, Eshowe, Esikhawini, Mandeni and Richtek,Sundumbili/Isithebe, Bambanana and Nkandla. In addition, it has 6 skills centres namely, Jininindomnyama, Nseleni, Thubelihle, Alton, Maphumulo and the ZCBF Community Park.

The college's vision is to be "a leading provider of world class education and training" and its mission is to "provide relevant education and training responsive to community needs". The college values excellence, integrity, innovation, diversity and accountability.

## What Programmes Does uMfolozi TVET College Offer?

uMfolozi TVET College offers a variety of programmes that suit different levels of education and career aspirations. These include:

- National Certificates & Diplomas: These are qualifications that are awarded to students who have completed their N4 – N6 in a specific field at a TVET College. They cover fields such as business studies, engineering studies, hospitality & tourism management and information technology.
- National Certificate (Vocational): These are new qualifications that are designed to provide people with high level of marketable skills. They are equivalent to Grade 12 but with more practical exposure. They cover fields such as civil engineering & building construction; electrical infrastructure construction; engineering & related design; finance economics & accounting; hospitality; information technology & computer science; management; marketing; office administration; primary agriculture; process plant operations; safety in society; tourism; transport & logistics.
- Skills Programmes: These are short duration skills based programmes offered by TVET Colleges, usually from rurally located skills campuses. They aim to address specific skills gaps or needs in various sectors such as agriculture; automotive repair & maintenance; clothing manufacturing; construction; electrical engineering; mechanical engineering etc.
- Unisa Qualifications: These are qualifications offered by Unisa through an agreement with various TVET Colleges. They allow students who have completed their N6 or equivalent qualification at a TVET College to further their studies towards a national diploma or degree at Unisa. They cover fields such as accounting sciences;
business management;
communication science;
community development;
correctional services management;
economic sciences;
human resource management;
marketing management;
police practice;
public administration etc.
- Artisan Training & Trade Tests: These are programmes that prepare students for careers as artisans or tradesmen/women in various fields such as boilermaking;
electrical installation;
fitter & turner;
mechanical fitting etc.

## How To Apply To uMfolozi TVET College?

If you are interested in applying to uMfolozi TVET College for the 2023 academic year,
you need to follow these steps:

- Step 1: Placement Test
You need to complete an online placement test that will assess your aptitude,
interests and personality traits. This will help you choose a suitable programme based on your profile. You can access the test here:
- Step 2: Online Application
You need to fill an online application form with your personal details,
academic history,
programme choice etc.
You can access the form here:

Umfolozi TVET College is a public technical and vocational education and training institution located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The college is committed to providing quality education and training programs that are relevant to the needs of the local community and industries. Here is a brief overview of some of the key information about Umfolozi TVET College.

Academic Programs: Umfolozi TVET College offers a wide range of programs that are aligned with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and cater to the needs of various industries. The college has five campuses, namely, Chief Albert Luthuli, Eshowe, Mandeni, Richtek and the Business Studies Unit. The programs offered by the college include Engineering Studies, Business Studies, Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, and Safety in Society. Students can pursue courses ranging from National Certificates (Vocational) to National Diplomas.

Student Portal: The Umfolozi TVET College Student Portal provides students with access to various academic resources and information. Students can access their academic records, timetable, exam results, and other important information through the portal. The student portal can be accessed via the following URL: [2][3].

Vacancies: Umfolozi TVET College periodically advertises job vacancies for various positions in the institution. Interested applicants can download the circulars containing information about the vacancies from the college website. As of December 2020, the circular 14 of 2020 advertised post was withdrawn [1].

Council Membership Applications: Umfolozi TVET College Council Membership Applications are invited periodically by the institution. The application process is open to the public and interested individuals can submit their applications by following the guidelines provided in the circulars posted on the college website [1].

In conclusion, Umfolozi TVET College is a leading institution in technical and vocational education and training in South Africa. The college provides quality education and training programs that are relevant to the needs of the community and industries. With its commitment to excellence, Umfolozi TVET College is a great option for those seeking to pursue technical and vocational education and training.


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