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StudyTrust is an educational trust and public benefit organisation established in 1974, that connects learners with potential and determination to bursaries and scholarship opportunities. We administer bursaries and provide mentoring and support to help students thrive academically and personally. Our programmes complement students’ technical and academic skills, preparing them for  meaningful employment and to become active contributors to the economy. We help young people to access tertiary education, acquire professional skills and gain employment.

Bursaries and Scholarships Administered
StudyTrust manages several bursary and scholarship programmes for South African and international companies, foundations, trusts and private donors.

Applications for these bursaries and scholarships will be considered for all opportunities for which applicants qualify. Some bursaries are recruitment bursaries that entail a work-back obligation.

The selection criteria and conditions of the various programmes managed by StudyTrust are described on the pages of these bursaries. Click on the bursary opportunity below for the relevant information.

Bursary Applications

StudyTrust receives funds from various private and corporate donors to administer in the form of bursaries and scholarships.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply online by way of our state-of-the-art profile-based application facilities.

All bursary applications
The StudyTrust application platform powered by Xhuma will help you to create an online application account. The “All Applicants Apply Here” button will link you to the Xhuma platform.

StudyTrust Bursary Application. Powered by Xhuma
On the Xhuma platform, you will be able to apply either via WhatsApp or the website.  You will be able to switch between the two features.

Look out for the buttons linking you to the WhatsApp or to the website application feature at the bottom of the Xhuma application platform.


PLEASE NOTE: When you register on Xhuma, you will receive two links: a link to apply for a StudyTrust administered bursary and a link to a career assessment.

1. It is free to apply for a StudyTrust administered bursary.

2. The Career assessment has a cost involved. You can choose to complete the assessment at a cost to yourself and for your own benefit. StudyTrust does not have access to and won’t use any information obtained through the assessment. If you don’t complete the assessment, it will not affect your application for a bursary.


Bursary Management
Advertising and Recruitment
We advertise bursaries through our schools and NGO networks and advertising channels across print, online, social media, digital and the StudyTrust website. We also distribute hardcopy bursary applications to select schools.
Bursary Management
Capturing Applications
Our team captures online and paper based bursary applications on our internal, independent online system. We can seamlessly develop a primary and secondary shortlist of potential bursary candidates, accommodating for students who may accept other offers.
Bursary Management
We select bursary students based on set criteria or we guide the development of criteria to suit a funders development outcome. We also offer psychometric tests and interviews to support the application process. We have been trusted for 45+ years for being transparent, unbiased and fair.

Bursary Administration
We develop binding contracts between a student and a bursary funder, with the bursary terms and conditions (expected student pass rates,etc). Our strong relationships with tertiary institutions, enables swift communication of information regarding an approved bursary, to ease a students registration.
Bursary Administration
Disbursements & reporting
Our bursary system has strict financial controls for payments and provides real-time financial reports. We are annually audited by and provide financial reporting to a funder on the disbursement of funds including issuing of Section 18A certificates for tax and BEE purposes.

Talent Development
Progress Monitoring
Our team tracks and monitors students based on academic and psychosocial performance. This information is key for tracking a students progress and identifies their need for psychosocial support and mentoring. StudyTrust provides support to students in communities of belonging and one-on-one interactions.


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