Self Study Guides for Grades 10 - 12 for all Subjects

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Self Study Guides for Grades 10 - 12

These documents are intended to serve as resources for teachers and learners. They provide notes, examples, problem-solving exercises with solutions and examples of practical activities.

How to obtain maximum benefit from these resources

These resources contain many problem-solving exercises, quantitative-type questions and qualitative-type questions. The reason for this is that learners can improve their understanding of concepts if given the opportunity to answer thought provoking questions and grapple with problem-solving exercises both in class, as classwork activities and outside the classroom as homework activities.

2022 Study Guides for High Enrolment Subjects

 Accounting: Analysis and interpretation of information Download
 History: Revision Booklet P2 Download
 Life Sciences: DNA Code of Life and Meiosis Download
 Accounting: Balance Sheet Download
 Accounting: Cash flow and CG Download
 Accounting: Cost Accounting Download
 Accounting: Inventory Valuation Download
 Business Studies: Revision Booklet P1 Download
 Business Studies: Revision Booklet P2 Download
 Physical Sciences: Doppler Effect Download
 Physical Sciences: Acids and Bases Download
 Physical Sciences: Chemical equilibrium Download
 Economics: Foreign Exchange Markets Download
 English: Integrated Language Learning Book 2 Download
 English: Integrated Language Learning Book1 Download
 Geography: Climate and weather Download
 Geography: Economic Geography of South Africa Download
 Geography: Geomorphology Download
 History: Revision Booklet P1 Download
 Life Sciences: Reproduction and Endocrine System and Homeostasis Download
 Life Sciences: Genetics and Inheritance Download
 Life Sciences: Evolution Download
 Technical Sciences: Organic Molecules Download
 Tourism: Communication and Customer Care Download
 Life Sciences: Responding to the Environment Download
 Mathematical Literacy: Data handling Download
 Mathematical Literacy: Finance Download
 Mathematical Literacy: Maps, Plans and other representations of the world Download
 Mathematical Literacy: Measurement Download
 Mathematics: Functions and Finance Download
 Mathematics: Trigonometry and Euclidean Geometry Download
 Economics: Dynamics of Markets Download
 Economics: Circular Flow Download
 Tourism: Culture and Heritage Download
 Physical Sciences: Electrostatics Download
 Physical Sciences: Momentum and impulse Download
 Technical Mathematics: Algebra and Functions and Graphs Download
 Technical Mathematics: Differential Calculus and Integration Download
 Technical Mathematics: Trigonometry and Euclidean Geometry Download
 Technical Sciences: Knowledge Area Mechanics Download
 Economics: Business Cycles Download
 Tourism: Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Download

2022 Study guides for writing essays and transactional texts

 South African Sign LanguageDownload

2020 Study Guides: Languages - Creative writing and critical language analysis

CLA Afrikaans
CLA English
CLA IsiNdebele
CLA IsiXhosa
CLA IsiZulu
CLA Sepedi
CLA Sesotho
CLA Setswana
CLA: Tshivenda
CLA: Xitsonga
CW: Afrikaans
CW: English
CW: IsiNdebele
CW: IsiXhosa
CW: IsiZulu
CW: Sepedi
CW: Sesotho
CW: Setswana
CW: Siswati
CW: Xitsonga

2019 Study Guides

Accounting Booklet Analysis and Interpretation
Accounting Budgeting
Accounting Cash Flow Statements
Business Studies - Business Operation
Business Studies - Business Roles
Business Studies - Business Ventures
Geography Map Book
Mathematics - Analytical Geometry
Mathematics - Functions
Mathematics - Trigonometry
Mathematics Literacy - Book 1
Mathematics Literacy - Book 2
Mathematics Literacy - Book 3
Physical Science - Electric circuits
Physical Science - Electrochemistry
Physical Science - Organic Molecule
Physical Science - Stoichiometry
Physical Science - Vertical Projectile Motion
Physical Science - Work Energy and Power
Technical Mathematics - Analytical Geometry
Technical Mathematics - Quadratic Equations
Technical Mathematics - Trigonometry
Technical Sciences - Elasticity
Technical Sciences - Momentum
Technical Sciences - Newtons Law
Technical Sciences - Work, Energy and Power

Non Languages

 Physical SciencesDownload
 Accounting Grade 11Download
 Accounting Grade 11 - 12Download
 Agricultural Management Grade 12Download
 Computer Application TechnologyDownload
 Computer Application Technology (Afrikaans)Download
 Geography Mapwork Grade 10 - 12Download
 History Note Grade 10 - 12Download
 Life Orientation Grade 12 Teacher GuideDownload
 Life Orientation Grade 12 Teacher SupportDownload
 Mathematics Teachers’ Self Study Guide Book 1Download
 Mathematics Teachers’ Self Study Guide Book 2Download
 Soil Science ManualDownload



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