Open Tvet colleges for 2022 Applications in the Western cape, Available Courses and links to apply

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Open Tvet colleges for 2022 Applications in the Western cape, Available Courses and links to apply picture

falsebay tvet college applications are open for 2022
province: western cape

NC(V): Finance, Economics & Accounting Level 2 – 4
NC(V): Office Administration Level 2 – 4
NC: Business Management N4-N6
NC: Financial Management N4-N6
NC: Public Management N4-N6
NC: Management Assistant N4 – N6
NC: Human Resource Management N4-N6
ICB: Junior Bookkeeping Level 3
ICB: Senior Bookkeeping Level 4
Accounting Technician Level 3
NC: Bookeeping: Level 3 
NC: Office Administrator: Level 5 
GETC: Adult Basic Education and Training Level: NQF Level 1
NC: Wholesale and Retail: Merchandising Level: NQF Level 2
NC: Wholesale and Retail: Help Desk: NQF Level 2

NC(V): Electrical Infrastructure Construction Level 2 – 4
NC(V): Eng & Related Design: Motor Mechanics Level 2 – 4
NC(V): Engineering & Related Design: Fitting and Turning Level 2 – 4
NC(V): Engineering & Related Design: Fabrication Level 2 – 4
National Certificate: N1-N3

NC: Electrical Engineering N4-N6
NC: Automotive Body Repair NQF Level 2
NC: Automotive Repair and Maintenance Level 2
NC: Automotive Spray Painting NQF Level 2
NC: Furniture Making (Wood) Level 2
NC: Building and Civil Construction Level 3
NC: Mechanical Fitting Level 2 – 3
NC: Welding Application and Practices Level 2

NC(V): Hospitality Level 2 – 4
NC: Hospitality and Catering Services N4 – N6
NC(V): Tourism Level 2 – 4
NC: Tourism N4-N6

NC(V): Information Technology & Computer Science Level 2 – 4
HC: Information Technology Services Management Level 5
Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA)
NC: Information Technology: Systems Support NQF Level 5
NC: Information Technology: Technical Support NQF Level 4
NC: Information Technology: End User Computing NQF Level 3
ICDL: International Computer Driving Licence

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare learners with skills and knowledge for a career in yacht and boat building. Students will develop an understanding of the boat building environment, different boat building techniques and their applicability to the different materials commonly used for boat building.

The purpose of this Qualification is to enable qualified learners to generate independent work and critically apply the principles of 2D

Safety in Society gives you the opportunity to make the world a better place and to ensure that justice prevails. This faculty and its programme develop your knowledge about the South-African law principles and contributes to the well-being of our citizens.

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COLLEGE OF CAPE TOWN applications are open for 2022

*Art & Design*
N4–N6: Art & Design
Graphic Design / Processes

*Hair Care*
National Certificate Hairdressing L2 & 3
FET Certificate Hairdressing L4

*Beauty Therapy*
ITEC Diploma Level 2,3 & 5
ITEC Diploma Level 4 & 5

*Building & Civil*
N1 - N3 Building & Civil Engineering
N4 - N6 Building & Civil Engineering
NC(V) Building & Civil Engineering
Furniture Making L2
Furniture Making L3
AutoCAD 2D (Part-Time)
AutoCAD Revit (Part-Time)

*Business Studies*
N4 - N6 Business Management
N4 - N6 Financial Management
N4 - N6 Management Assistant
N4 - N6 HR Management (Part-Time)
NC(V) Finance, Economics & Accounting
NC(V) Generic Management
NC(V) Marketing Management
NC(V) Office Administration
NC(V) Transport & Logistics

*Education & Training*
N4-N6 Educare
NC(V) Education & Development
NC(V) Primary Health
L4 Further Education & Training - ECD
L5 Higher Certificate - ECD
Accredited Short Courses

*Electrical Engineering*
N1-N3 Electrical Engineering
N4-N6 Electrical Engineering
NC(V) Electrical Engineering Studies
Occupational Skills Courses

*Mechanical Engineering*
N1-N3 Mechanical Engineering
N4-N6 Mechanical Engieering
NC(V) Engineering & Related Design
Practical Skills Courses

*Information Technology*
Cisco IT Specialist (Cisco Academy)
Microsoft IT Academy (MSITA)
NC(V) IT & Computer Science
L5 ICT Service Management (CPUT)

*Travel & Tourism*
N4-N6: Tourism
NC(V) Tourism Level

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