Ekurhuleni West TVET College For New Students: Placement Screening Test, What to expect.

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Institution Details

1. Select Campus
 -Alberton Campus
 -Boksburg Campus
 -Corporate Centre Campus
 -Germiston Campus
 -Kathorus Campus
 -Kempton Campus
 -Thembisa Campus

2. Select a course you want to apply for:
 -Boiler Making N1
 -Boiler Making N1
 -Carpentry N1
 -Civil Engineering N3
 -Civil Technology N3
 -Diesel Trade N2
 -Electrical (Heavy) N1
 -Fitting and Turning N1
 -Mechanical Engineering N3
 -Motor Trade N1

*Skills Courses
 -Boiler Making
 -Boiler Making
 -Carpentry Roofwork
 -Motor Mechanic
 -Computer Literacy
 -Community House Building
 -Electrical Engineering
 -Cooking and Baking
 -Craft and Confectionery Baking
 -Event Management
 -End User Computing
 -Flower Arranging
 -Garment Making
 -IT Management Studies
 -Linen Making
 -PC Repairs
 -Pedicure, Manicure and Make-up
 - Click Here If Course Not Covered
 -Automotive Repair and Maintenance
 -Automotive Spray Painting
 -Computer Essentials
 -Building and Civil Construction
 -Furniture Making
 -Welding Application and Practice

*National Certificate Vocational
 -Tourism L4
 -Building Construction
 -Engineering & Related Design L2
 -Marketing L2
 -Marketing L3
 -Marketing L4
 -Primary Agriculture L2
 -Primary Agriculture L3
 -Primary Agriculture L4
 -Travel & Tourism L2
 -Information Technology & Computer Science L3
 -Information Technology & Computer Science L2
 -Information Technology & Computer Science L4
 -Generic Management L2
 -Generic Management L3
 -Generic Management L4
 -Marketing Management L2
 -Marketing Management L3
 -Marketing Management L4
 -Hospitality L2
 -Hospitality L3
 -Hospitality L4
 -Tourism L2
 -Tourism L3
 -Tourism L4
 -Hospitality N4
 -Tourism N4
 -Safety in Society L2
 -Safety in Society L3
 -Safety in Society L4
 -Automotive (ERD) L2
 -Automotive (ERD) L3
 -Automotive (ERD) L4
 -Boiler-Making (ERD) L2
 -Boiler-Making (ERD) L3
 -Boiler-Making (ERD) L4
 -Fitting & Turning (ERD) L2
 -Fitting & Turning (ERD) L3
 -Fitting & Turning (ERD) L4
 -Finance Economics & Accounting L2
 -Finance Economics & Accounting L3
 -Finance Economics & Accounting L4
 -Civil (Carpentry) L2
 -Civil (Carpentry) L3
 -Civil (Carpentry) L4
 -Civil (Concrete) L2
 -Civil (Concrete) L3
 -Civil (Concrete) L4
 -Electrical Infrastructure L2
 -Electrical Infrastructure L3
 -Electrical Infrastructure L4
 -Information Technology L2
 -Information Technology L3
 -Information Technology L4
 -Office Administration L2
 -Office Administration L3
 -Office Administration L4
 -Civil Engineering & Building Construction L2
 -Civil Engineering & Building Construction L3
 -Civil Engineering & Building Construction L4
 -Engineering & Related Design L3
 -Engineering & Related Design L4
 -Civil (Bricklaying)
 -Travel & Tourism L3
 -Travel & Tourism L4
 -Click Course Not Covered Here
 -Z- Click Here If Course Not Covered

*Distance Learning Nated
 -Civil Engineering N3
 -Civil Engineering N3
 -Civil Engineering N4
 -Civil Engineering N5
 -Civil Engineering N6
 -Electrical Engineering N6
 -Electrical Engineering N5
 -Electrical Engineering N4
 -Electrical Engineering N3
 -Mechanical Engineering N3
 -Mechanical Engineering N4
 -Mechanical Engineering N5
 -Mechanical Engineering N6
 -Business Management N6
 -Business Management N5
 -Business Management N4
 -Financial Management N4
 -Financial Management N5
 -Financial Management N6
 -Human Resource Management N6
 -Human Resource Management N5
 -Human Resource Management N6
 -Management Assistant N6
 -Management Assistant N5
 -Management Assistant N4

*Prevocational Learning Programmes

3.Enter your Your Personal Details
-Identity Number
-Student number (if issued)
-First Name
-Date of Birth
-Contact Phone Number
-Last School Attended

4. Create Password
*Valid input is 8 or more characters, at least one upper case letter and one lower case, one number and one special character, like ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = [ ] { } ; ' : " \ | , . < > / ?
Enter your password again
-Select a "Password Retrieval Question" from the dropdown menu
Password Retrieval Question Answer
-Remember to keep your password in a safe place

5. Agree to the terms and conditions
* Aftyer agreement copy your username

Then login using your Username and Password

Start with the pre screening test
Pre-Entry: Course Placement

 -Pre-Enrolment Application
You must complete a Course Placement Assessment for academic suitability, followed by the completion of financial eligibility information. Admission will be strictly based on the selection process of Head of Departments (as stated in the Admission Policy of the College) and results obtained during the Course Placement Assessment. Certified copies of the following documents must accompany your application:
*Identity document
*Latest results / Academic record (printed with the school logo, school stamp and signature of the Principal or their delegate to certify the correctness of the results)
*Proof of residential address
-Please hand in these certified documents with your application.

click start
1.Do you plan to study full-time? Yes/No

2. Is your planned course "Open Learning"? Yes/No

3. Are you a "semester" or "trimester" student?

4. Do you require financial assistance?

Please note that selecting "Yes" does not guarantee financial

 assistance. You have to apply at the bursary office on campus / on-line for financial aid.

5. What is your surname? (This should be the same as on your ID.)

6.What are your first name? (This should be the same as on your ID.)

7. What is your identity number? 
Please make sure that all the numbers are correct.

8.What is your gender? Female/Male/Prefer not to say

9.What is your date of birth?

10.What is your language?

11. What is the phone number to contact you on?

12. Is that your phone? Yes/No

13.Can you access internet on your phone? Yes/No

14.Are you filling this in on a phone, tablet or desktop/laptop?
If applicable

15. What is your physical address? Please provide street, city and the postal code.

16. Please provide the phone number of your family member/next of kin:

17.What is the highest current proven qualification?
You will need to provide the paper copy of your original documents when you hand over this form.
-No qualification
-NQF 1 - Grade 9
-NQF 2 - Grade 10 - National Certificate Vocational 1 Year, NATED 1 ( 3 - 6 months)
-NQF 3 - Grade 11 - National Certificate Vocational 2nd Year, NATED 2 ( 3 - 6 months)
-NQF 4 - Grade 12 - National Certificate Vocational 3 Year, NATED 3 ( 3 - 6 months)
-NQF 5 - Higher Certificate 1st Year - N4 - N6 18 months
-NQF 6 - Diploma 2nd Year

18. Other than our college have you applied elsewhere? Yes/No

19.Are you planning to apply at another college as well? Yes/No

20.Before applying here at our college, have you completed a Career Guidance Test?Yes/No


 -Course Choices
1. What courses interest you at our college?
You may select up to three courses.



Art & Design


Brick Laying




Civil Engineering









Hair & Beauty



Human Resources

Information Technology

Legal Secretary




Mining Studies

Music and Sound


Public Relations

Safety and Security




2. Which of the courses you just chose is your most preferred?

You will hear a word, then you will hear the word used in a sentence.

Spell the word by typing it into the box on the screen. Click the 'Submit' button to move on to the next question.

You may not know all the words, but try your best. 40 WORD IN 20 minutes

 -New-word Spelling
You will hear a made up word, then you will hear the word again.

Write how you think the word would be spelt by typing it in the box on the screen. Click the 'Submit' button to move on to the next question.

You won't have seen the words before, but try your best.

 -Word Choice
You will see a word spelled two different ways. One spelling is correct and the other is wrong. Click on the correct spelling of the word.

You will have 5 minutes to complete the 32 questions in this module.

 -Missing Word
You will see a sentence with one word missing, and be shown four possible words to choose from. Click on the word that best fits the sentence.

You have 15 minutes to complete the module.

You may use pen and paper to calculate the answers if you wish.

*On Course Support 1
 -Wellness Information
This is a short questionnaire about your health.

 -How I Do Things
You will be shown a series of statements, and will be given a choice of four possible responses for each one: 'Very like me', 'A bit like me', 'Not really like me' and 'Not like me at all'. For each statement please click on the response that is most like you, e.g. I like going shopping for food. Which is most like you?

 -Dyslexia Questionnaire
In this module, we want to find out what you think of your reading, writing and spelling skills and how you remember things day to day.

For each question, choose the response that best describes you.

 -Reading Speed
In this activity, you will be shown some text to read. Once you have read it, click ‘next’ and answer the question based on what you have just read.
You will not be able to read the text again once you have seen the question.

When you are ready to start this activity, click next

On Course Support 2

 -Study Information
We would like to hear your opinion on matters relating to study trends in your student life.

 -Study Skills Questionnaire
You will be asked about how you find doing tasks such as studying, writing and reading. For each statement, click on the answer which is most like you.

 -Copy Typing
On the next screen, you will see a paragraph. Please type what you see.
Note that all punctuation should be included.
When you are ready to start, click Start.

On Course Support 3

You will be asked a series of questions and given a choice of four possible responses. For each question please click on your chosen response.
You may use pen and paper or the calculator to work out answers if you wish.

 -Statistics and probability
 -Basic Numeracy
 -Working Memory
 -Visual Spatial
 -Mechanical Aptitude

Exit Support

 -Work Readiness - Details
Please could you complete the following personal details.

 -CV Maker
This CV maker aims to help you to create your own CV.
It will ask about your educational qualifications, your voluntary and work experiences, and any hobbies, interests and skills you may have that will be right for the jobs you are applying for.
The final section will ask you to write a summary about yourself.
Note: You can change the content as you develop new skills or have new work experiences.

 -Work Readiness - Interpersonal
 -Work Readiness - Literacy and Numeracy
 -Work Readiness - Work Skills



Click here yo start the Test


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