Department of Employment and Labour: Compensation Fund

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Qualification Sponsored: 

  • Accounting Science/ BCom (honours) in Accounting/ CTA
  • Health Professional and related clinical science
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Informatics/ Information Technology (Specialising with artificial intelligence/machine learning/ data science & analytics/ data engineering/ Cyber security/ Cloud Computing/ Internet of Things (IoT)/ Quantum Computing/ robotics/ Software engineering/ Computer networks)
  • Risk Management and Forensic Science
  • Engineering (Chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, metallurgy, Aeronautical)
  • Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics / Actuarial Science/ Mathematical Science/ Statistics/ Data Science
  • Economic Science/ Econometrics
  • Architectures/ Town Planning/ Construction Management/ Quantity Surveyor
  • Aeronautical Engineering/ Aerospace Control /Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Analytical Chemistry/ Biochemistry / Biotechnology/Microbiologist
  • Risk Management/ Risk Management and Forensic Science
  • Food and Beverage Technician/ Hospitality/Food & Beverage/ Culinary
  • Design Graphic (Communication) Design/ Digital Marketing/ Brand Communication or Management/ Digital design/ Film and Production/Animation
  • Quality control and planning/ Quality Assurance and regulatory/ Environmental Health
  • Marine / Maritime Studies
  • Investment Management
  • Operations Management/ Industrial Engineering/ Production Management/ Supply Chain Management
  • Teaching ( Mathematics, Science, Information Communications Technology and Early Childhood Development)
  • Apprenticeship full programme (This opportunity is extended to capable candidates who exited the mainstream schooling system at Grade 9, have General Education Certificate (GEC) and have the potential to excel in this programme). Pre-entry assessment outcomes must be attached.



  • Unemployed Persons who have acquired permanent disablement due to occupational injuries / diseases, dependants of COID persons with disabilities/ COID / dependants of fatally injured workers
  • South African citizens
  • Fully completed application form
  • Proof of residence
  • Claim number
  • Certified copies of Identity document of the applicant, parent(s) or guardians’ Identity document / death certifi cate (COID Persons with Disabilities)
  • Grade 12 June results/ highest school grade or qualification
  • Proof of acceptance from public Post School Education and Training (PSET)
  • Students must be enrolled to study on a full-time basis, and only under exceptional circumstances students with disabilities shall be allowed to study part-time
  • Proof of unemployment letter from Department of Employment and Labour / or Affidavit
  • Certifi cation and verifi cation of physical disability by a Health Care Professional or Disability Support Office / WCL forms (Final medical report)
  • Applicants may be subjected to a psychometric assessment.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022



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Friday, March 31, 2023



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