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The Central Applications Clearing House (CACH) applications are now open until from 31 March 2023. Students who matriculated from the year 2000 onwards and have not received firm offers from tertiary institutions are eligible to apply.



CACH which stands for Central Applications Clearing House is a government online system aimed at helping prospective students gain access to higher learning institutions in South Africa as well as other related opportunities. This online service was designed and introduced by the Department of Higher Education to bridge the gap between high school and tertiary level.

The Central Applications Clearing House (CACH) service provides an opportunity to learners who have not yet received a place to study at higher education institutions. The CACH service is FREE and aims to match applicants' National Senior Certificate exam results (which is received directly from the Department of Basic Education) and study preferences with places that need to be filled.

The system is helpful in a sense that saves students from falling prey of scammers and fake higher learning institutions. CACH prides itself by working with legit and registered institutions. They also share information to private colleges that are registered with the department.



CACH plays a huge role in assisting learners find placement in higher learning institutions. This is how CACH works:

1. Firstly you need to sign up with CACH. When signing up your personal details will be required including your ID number. You will also be required to state the study choices/programmes you intend to be offered space in.

2. Then CACH shares your information to universities, public colleges and private colleges. If there are courses available that you qualify for you will be offered a space. Basically the CACH system matches your grade 12 results with courses that still have places available.

3. Your information is also shared to SETA's for available learnerships subject that you qualify.

4. Where places exist and you meet the requirements, institutions will contact you to offer you an opportunity to study in their institution.

5. Students who have been declined offers at universities should apply to CACH, which is an ideal route to find a study space that is still available at another institution.

6. CACH also provides a portal for school leavers and other prospective students who may not have completed their schooling to career information, advice and development services.

7. The system will send SMS or e-mails to those that are made an offer for them to accept or reject the offer. Once the offer has been accepted, Institutions will directly contact those who accepted the offer.

8. For students who remain unclear about which career to follow, CACH provides referral service to career advice and information through DHET’s Khetha Career Development Service.


Applying to CACH is easy, all you need is your cellphone to send through your application. You can register online on the CACH website:

 or you can send them a text on whatsapp on this number: .078 776 8660



Again you can email your name, surname, cell number and ID number to [email protected] and the Cach will call you back.

Contact Details

Call Centre:


Sharecall Number:

0860 690 722

Operating Hours:

08h00 - 16h00

Available from 27 January 2023 to 31 March 2023 Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays



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